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In the late 1960's and early '70's, our nation contracted a rotting disease which gradually began consuming established values and common beliefs. It's parasitic ideology is fueled by "post-modernism" and it's belief system is rooted in a hypnotic brew of "scientism" and "pantheism".

As an educated, multi-career  professional - it became clear to me and many other discerning people that significant numbers of us were being subtly manipulated by a massive cabal.  Its membership  consists of Academia, Government and Mainstream media.

Gradually, as the years came and went, an ideological tumor had amassed on the hearts and minds of our people. Today, it continues to lobotomize  our citizens. This malignancy is now known as the Thought Monoploy (which is also the title of our film).

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Our Mission

Curiosity drives our discovery. Persistence describes our behavior. Honesty undergirds our reporting. Therefore, our documentaries explore the revelations of our subject's experiences and convey their authenticity directly to our viewers.

The results are displayed for your enjoyment, empathy and edification. If you are moved and fulfilled - our goals are achieved.


Next Steps...

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Bob,  Virginia and the rest of the crew