A Study Guide is in Development

This study guide is divided into ten parts which correspond to each episode of our documentary.

The parts are designed to:
> provide a preview of the material before watching
> provide background information and clarity to words, phrases and concepts that are used in each part of this documentary
> challenge the viewer to apply these words, phrases and concepts in answering questions relating to the content
> provide references for review and deeper exploration
> stimulate discussions which enable users to justify beliefs and solidify knowledge related to topics surrounding origins, meaning, morality and destiny
> empower believers to humbly converse with people of various world views for better understanding and empathy

By utilizing this documentary and the facts related to our propositions, we hope you will experience clarity and peace with your personal values and beliefs. The enhanced critical thinking skills you will gain from our program will give you greater confidence in your ability to make responsible decisions based on four ways of knowing. You will be equipped to articulate “how you know what you claim to know”.