About Us

Our Approach

Rather than telling our viewers WHAT to think – we prefer to teach them skills that will HELP THEM think.

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Our Story

In 2010, the idea for a documentary exploring the perceived conflict between science and religion was born. Although the internet is loaded with debates and viewpoints that are apparently reinforcing this conflict – more HEAT than LIGHT is being shed on the subject.

Vociferous proponents on both sides of the issue are failing to address the philosophical underpinnings of their arguments. Therefore, our approach hinges on implementation of critical thinking skills as opposed to dogmatic stances on the two primary positions: Evolution vs Religious Dogma.

Furthermore, we have also provided strategies that will help viewers evaluate arguments that often fail to meet the tests of congruence and pragmatism.

Viewers will learn how to use the Four Ways of Knowing to cross-check the quality of their opinions on any and all questions they encounter.

Meet the Team

Our team is composed of professionals

who are dedicated to equipping

others with skills

that will empower them

to make quality of life decisions.


Bob Abel


Founder & CEO


Broad formal academic background

with education as the common thread.

Principal investigator for Thought Monopoly


Virginia Abel

Vice President


Educator    Career Counselor                    Mother, daughter, sister, wife

Video Production Assistant


Vanessa McPadden



Financial management Accounting MBA

Collegiate athlete & coach

Video, photography creative director

Our Scholars

Over a ten month period, our production team had access to twelve amazing scholars.

They provided candid insights to some popular cliches which have been readily adopted by some high profile intellectuals in our nation today. 

Thought Monopoly, provides an educational format for their responses relating to “culture wars” and “metaphysical differences”. 

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Next Steps…

We are currently looking for producers who are willing to review our script and first cut to give us advice on distribution alternatives.

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